Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Inner Fare - (2011) Dirty Doubler CS

Jeff Zagers and Rick Weaver
way back to the day

"The first side is an excerpt of our seemingly endless "drums on tape" composition entitled 'Dirty Doubler.' Also bearing the name of Dirty Doubler is a sound installation, a Family Visions movie, an object (or two), and a festival in St. Louis.

The second side is an introduction to the Inner Fare code of conduct. Musical moments captured between our initial 'meeting of the minds' in Mt. Airy, Maryland, May 2009 up until a Florida excursion laced with pure luck in February 2011."

original press c92 was limited to 30 copies


released January 1, 2012

Jeff Zagers and Rick Weaver

cameos by
Alex Hampshire
Ben Kelley
Noah Anthony
Kylie Lance 

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