Monday, July 25, 2016

Eddy Grant - (1983) Electric Avenue 7''

Where we gonna rock tonight?
How 'bout down to Electric Avenue
and we can take it higher.

Daryl Hall & John Oates - (1981) I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) 7''

Okay, the previous post I talk shit about Duran Duran/ major labels but now I'm gonna to do a complete 180 degree turn and be a fan boy of Hall & Oates! I fucking love this band. These songs are the shit. What can I say, I've got issues... I'm a middle aged balding white guy. I think they wrote these songs for my own personal enjoyment. Word, dude.

Duran Duran - (1982) Hungry Like The Wolf 7''

I fucking hated this song & band when this was dominating the airwaves & MTV.
Now that I'm older this shit is kinda funny & I like to shake my ass to it. Don't get it twisted, I still think Duran Duran are fucking douchey turds & major labels should still rot off.

F starhole - (1994) ST 7''

A whole lota WTF going on here!
So the posts surrounding this post are a bunch of vinyl records I found in the attic of my house that I live in collectively with seven other folx. Two of them have lived here like a decade & two decades longer then me. My guess is these records belong to one of said two longer residing housemates. This is a doozy right here, not what I was expecting sound wise. That symbol, Im calling a F, I don't know how to pronounce or is it even a word? IDK. So I'm making up the band name F starhole but don't know shit about this release. Anyone?
I'm also assuming they played our house (cuz we have bands play in our living room with a PA & all) in the 90's and were from the northwest, Portland.
Emo jammy with horns & Unwound feedback moments, thats my description.

Boys Of Now - (2000) ST 7''

Two ladies singing & playing instruments. Reminds me of another unknow band, Telephone Man with a sprinkle of Mates Of State.

Lizard Water - (1990) ST 7''

Asinine Records 7''

Hawkwind - (1983) Motorway City 7''

FLS 025

ABC - (1985) Be Near Me 7''

880 626-7

Madonna - (1984) Like A Virgin 12''

9 20239-0 A

Typhoon - (1986) Bite The Drum 12''

Bikini Records

Drag Age - (2012) Mask Of A Crushed Insect CS

O-O-B R006

Voltur - (2012) Obscuritas Incantamentum CS