Saturday, January 23, 2016

Trust - (2011) Candy Walls 7''

Born out of desperation in the brutal Canadian winter of 2009, Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski began writing songs about nostalgia, lust, and erotomania. TRUST combine dark synth arpeggios, live and programmed drum beats with haunting, effected vocals. What begins in the genre of minimal synth progresses into a sort of slow-techno that is equal parts introspective cold-wave and extroverted 808 dance beats. Their debut video directed by Eva Michon, shows a playful side to the duo as they ride around nature on a motorbike together, later though, it hints at the pair’s darker undercurrent when an Equus inspired incident unfolds. “Candy Walls” is a gorgeous and unapologetically sexual debut, which will be heavily blogged about. It’s an undeniable beat matched with a stunning and unique aesthetic.

Nobunny - (2013) Secret Songs Reflections From The Ear Mirror LP

Secret Songs: Reflections from the Ear Mirror, Nobunny’s new LP on Goner Records, proves the Bay Area garage rocker’s absurd appropriation of rock ’n’ roll knows no bounds. In true Nobunny style, the album is a mixture of styles and fidelities, like having a garbage bin of awesomeness dumped on your head, the slime at the bottom rushing into your earholes and staining your brain.  “Lurid and anarchic, Nobunny’s sound is a primitive animal thump informed by the conventions of early rock, classic ’70s punk and New Wave. It’s Chuck Berry with a devilock, Hasil Adkins crammed into Lux Interior’s PVC pants…. A punk rock Elvis impersonator doesn’t invite easy comparisons, but Nobunny’s chaotic live show evokes the costumed mania of Seattle’s the Spits, Black Lips, and the King Khan and BBQ Show… a catalyst for wild pandemonium, awash in sweat, musk, spit, and beer.” 
Streams A & B

Geheimnis - (2005) Das Negras Montanhas CS

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mats Erlandsson - (2016) Selective Miracles 2xCS

Mats Erlandsson is an electronic composer and musician based in Stockholm, Sweden where he, apart from his artistic activities, works as a studio assistant at Elektronmusikstudion (EMS). A student of music since the age of 10, Erlandsson holds a master’s degree in composition from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. While mainly focused on solo electronic music, he has also composed music for dance, chamber ensembles and work with live-electronics together with various collaborators.
”Selective Miracles” is Mats Erlandsson’s debut for Posh Isolation and the seven pieces divided onto these two tapes is a beautiful introduction to a new strong voice in Scandinavian electronic music.
There are big emotions at play throughout the entirety of Selective Miracles. The pieces at times flow with a seemingly effortless ambience, at other times they hold the listener in a forceful grip. It is that relation, between tension and release, that makes it such a captivating experience.
Mats Erlandsson’s pieces are rich on drama but drama has rarely been seen dressed more elegantly.

Posh Isolation 167
 Streams A, B, C & D

Händer Som Vårdar - (2016) Interiors CS

"Interiors" is made up of five new pieces from Henrik Söderström under his Händer Som Vårdar guise and perhaps this is his strongest outing to date. ”Interiors” mixes the signifiers of his earlier releases; tape loops and electronic ”loose ends”, with something more musical. This, however, does not mean that he has betrayed his dedication to what has become known in some circles as ”Swedish tape noise” - but while it is that, ”Interiors” offers us a stronger sense of narrative. HSV has always had an underlying and modest romanticism to his composition, and ”Interiors” sees this further explored. 
Five pieces performed for the furniture, but dedicated to a person in a adjacent room. 
Posh Isolation 166
Streams A & B

Friday, January 15, 2016

Masshysteri - (2008) Monoton Tid 7''

Masshysteri (English: Mass hysteria) were a Swedish punk band, formed in Umeå in 2008.[1] The group consisted of Robert Pettersson (rhythm guitar, vocals), Sara Almgren (bass guitar, vocals), Kajsa Bergsten (lead guitar) and Erik Viklund (drums).

The Vicious - (2007) Igen 7''

Auf dem noch recht neuen, aber enorm geschmackssicheren dänischen Label Hjernespind ist die 3-Song-7" der aus Umea in Schweden stammenden THE VICIOUS erschienen. Und wenn ich nicht wüsste, dass die Aufnahmen aus dem Jahr 2007 stammen, ich hätte gewettet, es mit Zeitgenossen der legendären RUDE KIDS (remember "Raggare is a bunch of motherfuckers"?) aus den späten Siebzigern zu tun zu haben.
Sehr authentischer Retro-Punk mit teils schwedischen Texten, hymnisch, melodiös und mitreißend. Unbedingt im Blick behalten!

Krig I Hudik - (2009) ST 7''

Formed by members of TOTALITÄR, MISSBURKARANA, SWINEHOOD and BRAINBOMBS, KRIG I HUDIK represent some of the best of Swedish hardcore and do 8 raging covers of some fairly obscure and forgotten late '70s and '80s Scandi punk and hardcore bands plus add 2 original scorchers played in the vein of early TOTALTÄR.

Shake Shake Bolino - (2010) Don't Lose Your Friends 7''

Another amazing 7" from France's Les Disques Steak. This one is limited to only 300 copies and includes an all star roster of French punkers. From LDS: "Shake Shake Bolino is the new Cheveu's guitarist Etienne side project (he also plays in Bosom Divine, steak01, you remember ?) with Marie Bolino daughter of Sue Elen and Kim Jong Il. Raw Garage blues." Another awesome record for LDS.

Bosom Divine - (2008) I'm Your Animal 7''

The Bosom Divine formed in 2002, after putting out their first self-produced CD in 2006 (never run out of gas), this is their first 7". Among the members of this little Fechiolles family is Cheveu's guitarist Etienne.

Krysmopompas - (2009) Gesa 7''

Krysmopomaps is a four piece post punk band from Berlin who came to the attention of most Americans via their Heute Schlafen-Morgan Aufwachen double album on S-S last year, which compiled their two self released CD-Rs. They claimed the influences of Ionesco and Fassbinder, but what?s here is a hefty dose of 154 era Wire, and NDW bands like Die Tdliche Doris and F.S.K. if they had deadpan, spoken vocals in German (instead of hostile, shouted vocals in German). The shambling, DIY rock feel of some of the tracks on the 2xLP is absent from both sides here, leaning a bit heavier on the casio here, but they are of the same high level of quality. This is one of the best bands mining the post punk style these days, and if two albums worth of material seemed like too much to deal with, by all means, dig in here.

The Feeling Of Love - (2009) Waiting For The Cheerleaders To Get Drunk 7''

Entre l'album Petite tu es un hit et le maxi Suck Soul Porn, The Feeling of Love a trouvé le temps pour sortir un single de deux titres inédits. Une vraie machine à composer. Et l'art de se renouveler dans toute cette production à la chaîne. Le papy peut poser fièrement avec son petit-fils. Ce single est parfait. Entre le blues trashy des débuts presque solo et la décharge noise et anarchique du maxi suivant, il restait une place pour un parfait condensé de pop songs comme on le comprend chez The Feelies ou les Violent Femmes. Nerveux, sec, groovy et mélodiquement entêtant. Palme de l'année du meilleur titre de morceau à Waiting for the cheerleaders to get drunk, ode perverse à l'hygiène de vie des pom-pom girls. Vous l'écoutez le matin, vous le chantonnez encore le soir. Effet garanti. Le titre du morceau de la face B est tiré du refrain Time of the season, un tube de The Zombies en 1968 (et remercié au dos de la pochette), What's your name ? Who's your daddy ? L'amour du rock sixties a toujours transpiré chez les Messins de The Feeling of Love. Mais le traitement sonore, avec cette ligne de guitare maigrelette et aussi obsédante que celle de la face A, cette couche de bruit par-dessus et le rythme trépidant en font un tube intemporel ! Très bonne sortie dans la jungle de leurs réalisations, eux qui ont sorti depuis un autre single (School Yeah sur Sweet Rot) et un deuxième album, OK Judge Revival chez les américains de Kill Shaman records.

De Kift - (2009) De Dag 7''

De eerste uitgave van De Kift is de vinyl-single De Kift/ De Dag met daarop de nummers De Dag, Nat & Stinkend Stroo en Haat. De single werd in 2009 opnieuw uitgebracht in de Verenigde Staten door Mississippi Records.

June Paik & Battle Of Wolf 359 - (2010) Split 7''

This disc is the title of a resultant of various joint concerts , tours , encounters friendship . How ever connect JUNE PAIK brute emo-violence parts with purely instrumental clean parts .
The band sounds here but mature and heavier than on previous releases . In my opinion, the best JUNE PAIK material so far . BATTLE OF WOLF 359 go overall track slower and darker to work and convince with their two usual solid screamo songs .

Adorno & Eric Ayotte - (2010) Split 7''

Adorno from Portugal continue with one new our new song of passionate hardcore with drive like jehuhisch melodic edge. More postrock then screamo. They grow with every new release and more define more and more their own sound. It’s noisy, distorted, melodic, beautiful, emotive sad sounding music w/ an intense reminiscent voice. Just awesome. One the flipside we got Eric Ayotte from Bloomington / IN - 2 new songs that are the total opposite to Adorno - intense acoustic folk punk.

Little Gold - (2010) Completely Fucked! 7''

Christian DeRoeck spent most of the past decade writing, touring & recording with the Brooklyn indie/punk band Meneguar. In late 2006, He and bandmate Jeremy Earl decided to combine their bedroom recordings and release them together, as Woods. They recorded two albums together and toured the US and Europe. In early 2008, for several reasons, Christian left both bands.
He spent the summer of 2008 working as a carpenter in eastern Long Island. Inhabiting a tiny basement room, he began working on the songs that shape On The Knife. In the fall he moved back to Brooklyn and teamed up with his old friend, multi-instrumentalist Dylan Edrich (Chain and the Gang), and Little Gold was born.
Little Gold have found a great balance on their new 7″ ‘Completely Fucked!’. They incorporate the raw guitars and drums with pretty smooth lead vocals and fully arranged background vocals. What it creates is a great sounding mixture of 90′s indie rock brought into present day.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Truman's Water - (1993) Godspeed The Static LP

The first of four similarly titled releases over a two-year period, 1993's Godspeed the Static is Trumans Water at their loosest and most formless. Seemingly recorded live in the studio, these four meandering jams have individual moments that are quite interesting -- a lengthy chunk of "Kick Penmanship" is taken up by a clanging, staccato guitar riff and stuttering snare drum, sounding like some sort of bizarre cross between the Nihilist Spasm Band and Spike Jones & His City Slickers -- but they're so completely shapeless and random that they defy the attention spans of even the most dedicated noise rock fans. Conceptually intriguing but a bear to listen to (particularly the endless closer, "California Lies," which includes what sounds like a battery of violins in the hands of mentally challenged grade-school students), Godspeed the Static is only for the most die-hard noise freaks.