Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bunny Skulls - (2009) 18 Songs EP 7''

Distored, raw hardcore in short, sharp installments. It's not all blinding thrash either. "Daily War" actually has something of a melody. Pretty tongue-in-cheek and particularly contemptuous of crusties, suicide punx, youth crew-ers and people who wear Hooters shirts. What's funny is this sounds like it was recorded on a boombox or four-track but it was actually recorded by Steve Albini at his studio. And he does a great job of making it sound like a boombox recording.

Couch - (1994) This Lifes E.P. 7''

Crayon - (1992) Moominland 7''

Crayon formed in 1990 in Bellingham, Washington, which is about 60 miles north of Seattle. A bit more punk than twee, Crayon were obviously influenced by bands like Beat Happening and The Modern Lovers. Their sound was a cross between the Seattle based grunge and twee. Many considered their unique style, combining heavily distorted guitar with strong indiepop elements to be the missing link between UK twee bands like The Pastels and American indie bands like Tsunami and the more abrasive Unwound. Some dubbed this new style of music “love rock," while others referred to it as “cuddlecore” due to the coy nature of their songs.

Dads - (2010) Hat Creek 7''

The Stupid of the Month award goes to Dads, a Tampa band that seems to put the same amount of time into their crude drawings as they do their music (which is to say, not very much). “Hat Creek” is a pretty standard indie-rocker, at least until the ridiculous Terry Schiavo vocals come in, barely awake and drooling. I’ll admit, I’m pretty amused to think that a handful of people signed off on that decision. Dads quickly wake up though, as “Banana Twinz” thrashes about violently for a minute or so, and “Sex Theft” does the same, almost reaching Lightning Bolt temperatures (and the highlight of this EP). The flip is “Dub Creek”, ostensibly a dub version of “Hat Creek”, and it manages to offend the roots of dub reggae to their very core, essentially destroying decades of peaceful Jamaican / American relations with crappo keyboards and piss-take delivery. It comes with an insert, wherein “lyrics” is misspelled “lericks” on purpose, and the rest of the artwork features various E.T.-faced people showing off their genitalia and wearing wigs.

Dwight Twilley Band ‎- (2013) Shark 7''

Dwight Twilley is an American power pop icon from the pre-Ramones/Cheap Trick era that slipped though the cracks due to bad management decisions and the entanglements of the major label record business, that despite his debut single "I'm On Fire" hitting the top 20 on the Billboard charts in 1975, he's still unfortunately not a household name. Some called him the American T. Rex and others the missing link between Big Star and Tom Petty, but any way you cut it, Tulsa, OK's pop hero has risen he's and ready to knock you back to high school. He's appeared on Dick Clark's American Bandstand several times as well as the esteemed Don Kirschner's Rock Concert TV series the SAME NIGHT as the infamous Sex Pistols episode in 1977, therefore it never aired. This anxiously awaited 2nd single was shelved in the summer of 1975 due to close proximity to the super popular JAWS film, of which the management sadly decided it would be 'too cliche,' so we have rescued the track along with a scorching B-side from the CD-only 'Great Lost Twilley Album,' procuring two incredible hits never before available on vinyl. Pure pop perfection from the ealry 70s powerpop era that will light up your life and cap off your summer in the best way possible.

Half Empty - (1996) Welcome Home 7''

Bay area punk band from 90's with male and female vocals, sometimes political lyrics. Reminds me of Surrender, Naked Aggression, Citizen Fish, & all kinds of other bands. 'Welcome Home' pulls a guitar riff that is driving me crazy not being able to place right now.

Hydroplane - (1998) When I Was Howard Hughes 7''

A-side's very much like the Wurlitzer Jukebox single, a placid love song, the other side's a sad yet hopeful song about the end of an affair. Not quite as pure and stark as Low, but the same sort of sound.

Riverrun Singles Reviews

It used to be clear that Hydroplane was the dreamy, semi-ambient alter-ego of the Cat's Miaow, but the Cat's Miaow's The Long Goodbye/Bliss Out EP, which consists of gauzy and ethereal reworkings of a handful of their pop songs, messed up that sharp distinction. The complement would be Hydroplane doing jangly pop, but for this single of covers (the Shapiros' "When I Was Howard Hughes" and the Creation's "If You Spoke to Me, I Wouldn't Know What to Say") they stick to the old formula, bathing Cat's Miaow singer Kerrie Bolton's breathy vocals in sourceless reverberation and murmurs of unidentified noise. Excellent music to sleep to, provided that you don't mind getting up to flip the record every four minutes

Monday, April 20, 2015

Lynyrd's Innards - (1993) Your Ass Is Grass 7''

Lynyrd's Innards explodes onto the scene with 3 melodic punk pop gems that are sure to keep you singing along. 'Valentine's Day Massacre' could very well be a punk rock classic except, fortunately, the vocals are too good. Our first release, which came out on December 18th, 1993. The reason the matrix number is WE 0.5 is because we were originally going to number the releases WE 0.5, WE 1.0, WE 1.5, WE 2.0 and so on. About 5 minutes after the record came out we realized that idea was dumb. The first pressing was on toothpaste green vinyl and had the very first What Else P.O. Box address on the cover. 2 of these 3 songs were later re-recorded for Lynyrds Innards’ first full-length LP/CD. This record reached number 8 on the Rolling Stone Alternative Music Chart in the Spring of 1994. Seriously!!

Nitwits - (1994) Great Day 7''

German dude saying it best, "Something by the Nitwits still captivates me. I think it's the sympathetic presumptuousness of playing this strumming punk (we Krauts call it 'Schrammelpunk'), a huge middle finger towards musical finesse." Also, the fellow who sings has the best voice, easily confused as a teenage girls'.

Octis & Ocrilim ‎- (2003) Ocrilorx-1 7''

Mick Barr is an American avant-garde metal guitarist. Notable for his relentless speed and agility on his instrument, he is most well known for being one half of the band Orthrelm, currently signed to Mike Patton's Ipecac Recordings label. On the difference between the two, he says "Ocrilim is Mick Barr overthinking. Octis is Mick Barr underthinking. These names mean nothing when a live show is concerned. Come see Ocrilim and you may be forced to watch Octis."

 Ha ha ha... 
from Your Taste In Music Sucks.com:
I will to the best of my abilities recreate the entirety of the Octis and Ocrilim’s split 7″ record.
*Clears throat*
*Next track*
*Repeat 34 times*
Octis and Ocrilim are two project by the notorious guitar violator Mick Barr. Boy, can he strum that guitar, like forever and monotonous like a machine! His strumming is very fluid and melodious, sort of, yet he often uses abrupt changes that drives the music forward. Quite silly stuff, and you either love it or hate it.
I don’t know many artists who make split EP’s between two of their own bands, and especially two bands which essentially sounds the same. You take Mick Barr, a drum machine, and you’ve got Ocrilim and Octis.
So yeah, pretty much the same insane, grind, guitar wankery song 36 times. At least Mick Barr is talented and if you want to test your fortitude, listen to Orthrelm’s OV album.

Punk On Mars - (2011) Hey! Tiffany 7''

Punks on Mars is Ryan Howe, the artist formerly known as Luke Perry. Along with past and present Zoo Music artists such as Crocodiles, Dum Dum Girls and Dirty Beaches, Howe creates his own sonic world, but according to Altered Zones, his is one where “ambitious, full-band stadium swagger... sounds like it’s being re-directed live from Mars.”  

  “The Damned’s ‘New Rose,’ Generation X’s ‘Kiss Me Deadly’ and now this—the latest entry into the paedo-punk canon comes courtesy of sicko Luke Perry... [This] really does sound like Glitter doing unspeakable things to underage Martians. Enjoy it while you can….”- Vice Mag

To me it sounds like someone listened to James Ferraro's 'Night Dolls With Hairspray' and was like, "Fuck It! I'm only gonna do shit like this from now on."

Schiller Killers & I.V. Eyes - (2010) Split 7''

I.V. EYES - "They Saved Terri's Tube" - Mind haltingly inept, jaw droppingly stupid, unnecessarily offensive FAKE PUNK! The tastiest in tasteless trash. Out of tune and out of time,  we must be out of our minds for releasing this. This track rivals even the scum dumbest of all the KBD tracks out there.

SCHILLER KILLERS - "(I'm the) Wicker Park Strangler" - Starts with a sample from that guy who played the butler in the movie Clue before nailing the coffin on all Black Lips imitators. Think "Stranger", only "Strangler" and a bit stranger. Flower Punk guitars tripping over a Casio beat (which inexplicably, though thankfully gets louder towards the end as if someone fell asleep on the 4track and pushed everything in the red), with dumb lyrics and painfully obnoxious back up vocals.

I honestly don't even know 100% who is in these bands, but I believe spread out over the sides are members Baseball Furies, Clone Defects, Functional Blackouts/Women in Prison, White Mystery, and the Hozac empire.

The Del Velum - (1998) Typical Class 7''

Nice guitar-pop stuff from this former Ropers guy (Mike Donovan of Sic Alps, on his Dial label). The slowly somber moods of Mark Robinson-esque pop infused w/the classic psych- frazzle of The Velvet Underground.

The Ketamines - (2011) Line By Line 7''

Peppy, upbeat self-titled opener with a delightful jangly guitar hook that produces sun shining, optimistic vibes while a ripping fuzz bass provides the foundation underneath. On the flip side things change up significantly from the first with a darker, colder, yet still upbeat sound. Colorful guitar swirls suck their powerful vortex while sharp and angled leads continue to pave the way until the closer “Dig”. This sprawling track features more of a progressive psych-pop sound that moves seamlessly from one idea to the next as they continue to change directions. Swift drumming and surf-rock influenced guitar licks call the shots.

That's what the internet told me..

Tit Wrench & Volkswhale - (1991) Split 7''

Tit Wrench grew out of the ashes of Neighborhood Watch in the late 1980s and spent several years making electronic punk songs, putting out records, playing shows, etc.

Volkswhale, while not quite a band in the traditional sense, they sure do make some very interesting experimental music. Sometimes it sounds like they are tripping out of their minds in the living room, banging on pots and pans in a psychedelic freakout. Other times, Volkswhale weaves a unique textural composition peppered with Bukowski-esque irreverent jabs at the religious right.

The Tourettes - (1994) Hidden Keys To Loving Relationships 7''

After the 1993 breakup of legendary East Bay teenage punk band Raooul, Phyllis (drums) and Molly (bass) moved on to form the Tourettes that same year. With the accompaniment of their friends Janelle (vocals) and Hollie (guitar), this Berkeley quartet follow along the same lines of Raooul with their screechy vocals and crude, sloppy punk. Lookout Records eventually released their one and only self-titled EP in 1994 before abruptly calling it quits not too long afterwards.

Walking Abortions - (1996) Handy Pandy Tony Tandy 7''

From the insert, "an unpleasant party of misfits who, in Oct 1992, expectorated their aural phlegm into the moth-eaten face of a tired, stagnant music industry. During their 3 year career the band managed to upset and alienate many prudish individuals, while at the same time attracting a loyal and devoted following of fans and acolytes. This record is dedicated to all those fans and features the W.A.'s in all their piss-soaked, come-stained, vomit-stinking glory. They were not musicians - they were barbaric entertainers."

Got this outta the dollar bin. Caught my attention since it's on a Germany label, seemed punk, the band members have strange early 90's attire on and funny punk last names. Just wanted to check out what it was all about and it's a'ight. Seems like a small town local band that was wrapped up into their version of "punk".