Saturday, May 12, 2018

Spook is now Private Release

I've transferred all my uploads over to a private blog:
If you'd like to have access to it you will need to contact me at:
I'd like to know who you are & whatever info you feel like sharing. This spammer email only keeps your mssg for 4 hours so please include your email address in the body of text so I can send you an invite.

I've ripped & uploaded over 4900 releases. I've struggled with the amount of time I've spent doing this & what the benefit to doing such a thing is. 
Anyway... goodbye or hello.


James TB said...

I should add if you've ever enjoyed an album I've posted here in the past:
I consider you a kindred soul & gladly urge to to contact me

Destroyer1985 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James TB said...

shut up, you accepted your invite!

lizrd jonni jewel said...

Hi JTB, Just a note to say thanks for all the great music.
Can I sign up by sending you one of those masked temporary email addresses?

James TB said...

Anyone can, basically.
Turns out every single person that really liked Spook is supper cool.
I am slammed with work lately, if you haven't heard back/ got invited yet..
I will get it out soon! Promise.

Anonymous said...

fyi, we have our first release out, before it sells out, this would be your kinda thing

Anonymous said...

R U still sendin' out invites?!? i needs this...!

James TB said...

YES, invites will/ can be sent out.
send your email to

Again, you have to type your email address somewhere in the body of text.
Sending me an email does not give me yours.
Bcuz of this fwrd'n spammer email thing i'm using to keep my perznal email private.